Zombie Invasion: T-Virus Walkthrough

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Commented Walkthrough for the newest game from the developers of Curse Breakers: Halloween Horror Mansion. Subscribe to know about the newest games!

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vasiliki1789 says:

You are very clever

vasiliki1789 says:


mareks smiltans says:

thx mate

theminecrafter191 says:

Thx bro!
I love You!!!

johnjun01 says:

you helped me a lot thanks!

midie70 says:

Very not hepful

moayad1969 says:

Thx sooo much

phillip aguilera says:

Thanks man

keekee barbietype meh says:


Golden Starfish says:

You’re welcome!

Golden Starfish says:

No problem!

Golden Starfish says:

Thank you!

Golden Starfish says:

Well you can’t open that door!

Julie Stull says:

Thank you so much

hamoodmiamistud73 says:

Thanks alot brother! ;)

sonicman84 says:

Dude you are awesome.

galexa01 says:

Thanks for the help but one door remained closed.

Glory Giles says:

i finally finished thanks

jonathanhs490 says:

Thanks meen pendejoo

Golden Starfish says:

english please

jonathanhs490 says:

El pendejo se equivoca xDcon la llave

jonathanhs490 says:


jonathanhs490 says:

Great dude…it did really help me finish the game thanks

samildiho says:

Tanks for taking time for this

Jerszey Raine says:

great dude..it did really help me finish the game… THANKS

Golden Starfish says:

Danke ;)

strohkopf9 says:


Golden Starfish says:

maybe because its 576?! :)

Golden Starfish says:

of what? :)

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