X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Coming In 2016

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X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Coming In 2016 Subscribe to ClevverMovies: http://bit.ly/clevvermovies The holiday surprises are coming early this year for X-Men Fans! Bry…


Lost Anarchy Magazine says:

about fucking time they brought in apocalypse

44excalibur says:

Okay, Bryan Singer and Fox can no longer dick around with this one. The
Apocalypse storyline began in the X-Factor comic book, not the X-Men comic
book, and both Scott Summers/Cyclops and Jean Grey were central characters
in the X-Factor/Apocalypse/Mister Sinister storyline, so enough with the BS
and bring Cyclops and Jean Grey back already!

GenEx Machina says:

It’s about fucking time Hollywood brought Apocalypse in the X-men Movie
Franchise, he’s was the fucking best villain in the X-Men Comics!!!!!!!!!

SuperManGamer says:

John Goodman to play apocalypse.

TheProtagonist74 says:

It’s bout time someone else got to be the baddy in those films. I always
suspected that they might have filmed 2 movies in Montreal.

Baron Tyronor says:

2:39 Really? Why not do this for newer stories with newer characters and
newer worlds and newer possibilities?

TheHadoukenFighter says:

Thumbs up if you think Apocalypse is better than Darkseid……….

Donovan Castro says:

I am so excited for this movie. I ordered the complete Age of Apocalypse
graphic novel. I’ve also played X-Men Legends: Age of Apocalypse back in
the day. So I am ready for this movie. 

Jared Garcia says:

Sorry X men 3 was based off the dark pheonex saga

Ferni says:

change everyone already ~_~ new actors please FFS

jack arnold says:

Great good to see another X-Men film on the way in the next few years

Javin Gibson says:

I am as excited as a penguin getting fucked by a polar bear. Do we really
need another Jewood prick’s interterpretation of the comics glory on this
one. Follow the fucking storyline, A, Fire the screenplay pricks and let
the vision of the artists that you are ripping off have a swing at the
screen play. BECAUSE they already did it right in the comics 20 fucking
years ago. And way better. 

BlueHooloovoo says:

It’s nice to see that Singer seems to be on the same page that almost
everyone wants the X-Men story to go (namely bringing in Apocalypse). This
is just a theory in my head so take it with a grain of salt. I think the
events of DOFP will lead to a change in the timeline where Apocalypse’s
tomb will be discovered and opened. Maybe the tomb is discovered by
Nathaniel Essex and as a reward for awakening him Apocalypse turns Essex
into Mr. Sinister. They collaborate a plan to genetically “purify” the
world which will be the central conflict of the next X-Men film. The
fallout from that conflict could allow for the re-emergence of the Dark
Phoenix (properly this time) and possibly lead to the Shi’ar Empire getting
involved. Sorry I had to get that off my chest. ^_^;

Adrian Bl says:

Looks a lot like the plot of the animated series “Wolverine and the X-Men”.
First Days of Future Past” then “Age of Apocalypse”.
Next logical step is the “Dark Phoenix-Saga”, isn’t it?

NJ Ringlord says:

I want to see Magneto show his true power level and kill Apocalypse like he
did in the comics. That was just so totally cool. Apocalypse was so
disappointed to find out he was not the fittest after all.

Carlos Danger says:

Could be Days Of Future Present. Reminds me of “Wolverine and the X-Men”

shawn dahl says:

Should have already been working on interwoven movies.

Van 'El says:

sooo? what is Apocalypse’s power?

Josiah Cullins says:

Apocalypse,Darkseid, and Thanos all look alike

Brennan Cain says:

What about deadpool for 2016?!

Burghtown Music Group says:

Nate grey and sinister better play a big role!

marvelbrothers says:

Faith in Singer: Renewed.

Donald Nezungai says:

Let me guess, given Fox’s track record it might be called Wolverine: The
Age of Apocalypse 

Ryan Parker says:

professor x gonna die….forreal this time

Gilbert Velazquez says:

So exited for this movie pkease bring back the origina cast back. And take
my money 

Zac B. says:

How can there be a Fantastic Four reboot, WHEN FOX HASN’T EVEN BEGUN
SHOOTING FOR IT YET?! By the way things are looking, Fox will lose the
Fantastic Four to Marvel, where they’ll be made into a movie the right way.

Sebastián Brea says:

I would prefer an onslaught movie

Ken Smith says:

We just need superman v dooms day now 

Aaron Martinez says:

Please tell me Hugh Jackman will be back for this movie

Lance A says:

Fantastic Four should be in the spider-man universe. It doesn’t make sense
for them being in the same as x-men and it’s way too crowded in both MCU
and the x-men CU. Spider-man and the FF have been linked with each other
since ASM #1 and when the human torch died he even joined them (not saying
he should in the movies)

Steed Manson says:

This is it the apocalypse 

MightyDancer80 says:

WOW! I’m really freaking excited and I can’t wait. Apocalypse will be the
ultimate big baddie for the X-MEN and I can’t wait to see how the X-MEN
will defeat him. 

nathan drake says:

i want to see deadpool in the movie

makita uktu says:

XMen Apocalypse…Hell Yeah…

Andrew Evans says:

Can’t Wait 

Rubbish78 says:

I’m excited!


i know nothing about the comics but i do love the movies! because i come
from sweden i cant read them :I

west93 says:

If there’s an Apocalypse, there should be a Cyclops….

xalian17 says:

Sounds great! However with how many comic movies are flooding the scene, by
2020, we’re going to be fed up with it!

ju1c3mann says:

This makes me sick seeing a person clearly not intrested in comics reading
que cards about something that i read growing up. Get some one who is
intrested rather that a “reporter”

Oisin Doyle says:

is every movie coming out these days gonna be age of …….

Leo Blight says:

I can only wonder who would play APOCALYPSE

Phoenix Hudson says:

so excited!

Джон Смит says:

Oooh i wont i Wont

Langston Walton says:

Vin Diesel should be Apocalypse

Enigma says:

Oh damn,…Apocalypse with a cape…looks pretty sick…i like it…

jrrollins84 says:

Then the next movie after this would have to be X-Men: Onslaught.

Ronny Deshmukh says:

Now we’re talking! :D God bless Bryan Singer! Love! :)

Alex Williams says:

Okay, that’s great news. Even better if you put in the characters we all
want to see in this new film. Namely Gambit and Nightcrawler. People love
them and they’ve only appeared in one film each, so the guys over at marvel
need to put them in.

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