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THIS IS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE EVIL, Can be charged just like Charles Manson for brain washing people to commit murder and suicide, the Dalia Lama does the same thing as Charles Manson only on a much longer and larger scale, self mutilation, how to defend against Zombies and any communist invasion NEW ZOMBIE INFO

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topespadamaester says:

geez..fell bad for you…theyll learn soon enough

MiZzPuRpLeHaZe says:

EHH too many people asleep, I haxe even tried to explain it to family members. They thought i was mental 0.o

SpaceMan131326 says:

Dont you find that odd, cause nuclear fallout from nuclear power plants would melt down, so all there bio labs would also fail, omg this is horable, warn all people now

SpaceMan131326 says:

we are not over populated as that is a misconception, you can fit the whole world in half of Austrailia and still have have of that country laft over and that is one acer of land per person, this planet is poorly managed, you can have green houses and fish farms above and below ground and as many as you like as well stacked on top of one another, yes I am well wide awake to what those evil NAZI’s do, but no one in the world said any thing about what an EMP pulse weapon would do to those labs

MiZzPuRpLeHaZe says:

i wouldn’t be suprised if zombies are real..think about it. We are over populated…if the elite have scientists plays with viruses in the lab..well….then need i say ???

SpaceMan131326 says:

your first question should be knowning there is real Zombies and there has been more reports

SpaceMan131326 says:

He is cause he sure is not enlightened

escapeyourfate8114 says:

Lol first audio about questions is from dawn of the dead but still good

SpaceMan131326 says:

He does not have God, he worships his Idols and take a look at all the gold, if you melted down all there golden statues then you could feed the world

legomationdotnet says:

The Dalia Lama? Really? If this is real, don’t you think he’d be the False Prophet, not the Antichrist?

mwm5039 says:

Demonic possession is the cause. God is angry with his children…we need to turn back to the father now or it’ll only get worse as our Lords mercy dissipates from this world and it allows evil to run rampant.

S McWhorter says:

Using footage of dawn of the dead. “Is it a virus? We don’t know.” I know every wood in that movie! One of my favorites.

Cave Lion says:

P.S. Jesus came back in a new body we get after we die , in this life . As spirits we don’t die . just our bodies die.

Cave Lion says:

reincarnation is not the same as a near death experience. regeneration isn’t reincarnation either. God can do anything ,except lie and he said it was appointed once for man to die.. your spirit leaving your body for a while isn’t death if he brings you back to it. If he brings you back you will be you and not a reincarnated toady frog.

SpaceMan131326 says:

plus if God decides to not bring you back then you would know your fate,

SpaceMan131326 says:

Do not mock God, as reincarnation is real as well as cell regeneration, how many accounts of people do you know that have come back after passing away? not to mention Jesus Christ, by whom did you say told you that you do not come back again? God is correct by giving cell regeneration for longer lasting life, God can do any thing God chooses in life,

Cave Lion says:

afraid not….It is appointed once for man to die , then the judgement, reincarnation is a lie ,.

SpaceMan131326 says:

some type of virus turns people into zombies, they go into an animal state of mind and start attacking people and eating them, so it is different then the dead coming out of the ground, it is people that encounter some type of virus that takes control over them, been a few too many cases so far,

blancaychico says:

Are u telling me, all those movies that I have been enjoying all my life IS NOW REALLY HAPPENING, PLEASE TELL ME THIS VIDEO JUST ENTERTAINMENT :/

Footpuppy73 says:

It was the government to program you thinking was science fiction but was complete fact all along, ( In Secret. ) In all movies and music, movies morally is key element to the story of truth in plain view of many clues. Movies from past to present, pay attention.

1darkark says:

:-) please keep doing your good deeds… I agreed on many things you post about. As I am unable to know if you received any of my messages … I am hopping we can contact each other through facebook. Since I have no knowledge of your name… I’m Angel Kelly… from Toledo Ohio… an I’m a 31 year old mother of 1… a 2 1/2 yr old girl. We are preepers. I’ve shared some of you videos on f b … much love an blessings. Stay safe..please look me up :-*

Angeellinaa says:

Is the start from a movie or is it real O_O?

harmgraceify says:

just watching this stuff makes me want to read the bible !

wameed98 says:

Are you fucking kidding me.

SpaceMan131326 says:

yes I seen that one, I was trying to find more and in a few days if this keeps happening then there will be even more, I wounder how many are not even reported,

SuperSunshine90210 says:

There’s also the Louisiana man. Omg im this is all scary.

disinpho says:

The picture from Seville seems to be from a Catholic procession, they hold them at least annually in almost every spanish town in southern Spain. I saw one in the wild, very eire torch processions, much like the KKK, but with much more pageantry.

horsemom78 says:

by who?

horsemom78 says:

bingo, cause meth alone makes you not want to eat!

shorty1re says:

It’s ww3 homie, its all planned out by some’fuckin’body. So no matter who you are protect you&yours till death. Bcuz FEMA plotts shit also. It’s the end of humanity, close your eyes to the bullshit and open them to what’s going on. Please people be smart and get prepared, I WILL NOT DIE WITHOUT A FIGHT!

SpaceMan131326 says:

reincarnation is real and so is God, when you go to Heaven you have a choice of when you wish to come back to learn more or to do different things in life,

poopsy713 says:

I liked the first part Spaceman, bout zombies, but I thought you missed it on the rest of it! But I usually like your stuff. Personally I find the Dahli Lama to be a very interesting figure, mainly because I have come to believe in reincarnation and I’m a bible scholar student and the more I learn, the less I agree with the current institution of Christianity. I encourage you to study reincarnation a little more and consider whether or not that may been the resurrection that was spoken of.

L2design says:

THey’ll put it in the meth

louloub5 says:

wow look at the satanic figure behind the evil man!

SpaceMan131326 says:

how many homeless people do you know that take baths on a regular schedule,

SpaceMan131326 says:

yes, I made a point of those ones to, to show you that maybe they have been testing some thing or that the virus is growing faster and showing up more and more

louloub5 says:

some of those cases are from 2009 which is a bit far from 2012

Nibiru PlanetX says:

they created this to depopulate humanity this is part of 2012 but this will be stopped

Nibiru PlanetX says:

Bath salt is causing this

Nibiru PlanetX says:

on youtube you will also notice a game called plants and zombies, makes you wonder why they have that on youtube

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