Solanum – The Zombie Virus (Genuine footage)

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Actual footage from the controversial upcoming documentary “Solanum – The Zombie Virus”, documenting recent evidence from the CDC on the possible existence of Solanum, the virus that is thought to be behind the recent reported zombie outbreaks. Please act responsibly and distribute this clip as far and widely as possible, people have a right to know the truth!

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YoshTheIncredible says:


The11jjclements says:

We are do for a plage

spartan187100 says:

Yeah, what ever, attention whore.

IamPurpleZebra360 says:

Max Brooks has no idea what he is talking about. Solanum attacks plants -_-

iloveesr says:

lawl Solanum is about as real as my 15″ cock.

spartan187100 says:

I heard of SOLANUM from THe Zombie Survivel Guide Complete Protection From The Living Dead by Max Brooks, auther of World War Z
Don’t leave home without it :)


To be released at london olympics? Combined disasters

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