Rickyxsan X Corrupted Data – End Of The World [FREE DL]

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DubstePlaya says:

-Oh shit! (((*=*)))

Bullkank says:

bahahahahahahahaa fuckin’ gillard.

freed0mCSS says:


RealityCheKOffical says:


Deejay Eko says:

That Bass Tho (;
Fuck Yeaaah!!

OfficialDjAntonello says:


Yung Joc – Drip (Antonello Unoriginal Trapaholics Mix)
Point.Blank & Dirt Monkey – BOH (Antonello Trapaholics Remix)

Michardxsan says:


TrapandBass says:

I just heard that from Sheldon last night haha

Jesus War says:

i love you, you put the fun in funeral ;)

nicpetit318 says:

fuckin oath! m8! yea fuckin strayan parliament has gotta fuckin get there fucking act together! ey! ;)

sou marombeiro says:

sou brasileiro e voçe está de parabens, muito bom teu som 

Michardxsan says:


ragequit57 says:

You merely adopted trap, I was born it moulded by it.

LoadingFootage says:

it cant go any louder mom!!!

cracking Afat says:

hahahahaa Julia Gillard

Matty Shepelsky says:

Ah, You think Trap is your ally?

anotherpuppet says:

….end of australia anyway

Edgar Retener says:

Is this the rickyxsan that brought us the cat daddy remix that I shuffle to?

pingazzzz says:

Julia Gillard: “Oh smash me box Alf!”

Alf Stewart: “If i wanted a greasy red box id go to KFC ya slut!”


datnigguhkc says:

Looks like seven people accidentally pushed dislike

t4j2k0 says:

end of the world came and went….still blastinn

antinsanwo says:

the failure that runs my country >,<

TheMoldovan93 says:

awesome bass mate :D

kajion says:

This should have been released before 12-21-12

jaasiel barillas says:

End of the world

SKRILLEXpwn says:

BAHAHAHA!!! Nice Addition of Julia Gillard!!

Vapetzi says:


Andres B says:

So sick


Thank you TrapAndBass and all the supporters! :)

Katie Mason says:

hahahhaa i knew it was juls as soon as i heard that accent

TheGavinNation says:

Sick track.

Asa Price says:


theindolovers2010 says:

“Bitch the end of the world”

xMichael16 says:

The red headed retard.

TrapandBass says:

Julia Gillard.

ReemYZ DnB says:

whos the women?

TheRageManT says:

“It’s the end of the world” Nope, It’s just chuck testa

Tom Dodsferd says:

Bass are amazing here.

CoolMusiczLover says:


Darren White says:

Oh trap..

reverse982 says:

Trap ..

Kilo S says:


chonbroo says:

Oh god, that lady is our prime minister. -.-

Dreiyaz says:

Ow g. Rax yo bike, eah.
I know you’re from Whangarei. K, that’s all.

rap4life1995 says:


Any Unsure says:

they said the world will go under on 21.12.12. but its on fucking 28.12.12 with this awesome tune :D

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